Monday, March 17, 2014

Joy and Pain

Another airplane gone missing.
Crashed, or, as the news reports say, disintegrated.
The passengers exist no more.
Whole generations extinct:  Mother holding daughter in 26A.  Father in 26B.  Doting grandparents in 26C and D.
No time to tell friends goodbye.  Left on a trip and never returned.
What decent God could allow this?
What God worthy of our prayer would not step in and prevent?
This misery, this unnecessary suffering.
And yet this world has such promise.
Anyone who has glimpsed the beauty of a sunrise or sunset can agree.
The colors more awe-inspiring than paintings from the great masters.
Or the joy of love, of finding one’s true match, that acceptance, willing to do anything.
Or altruism, that honest feeling in our hearts that inspires care about fellow humans.
About causes greater than our own petty, personal dramas.

So what lesson am I to draw?
This saddened wanderer, torn between the beauty and promise of this world, and the all-too-frequent pain and suffering.
What lesson am I to draw?
Tell me God, speak to me and tell me true.
I feel so lost.

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